At Grace Church: Nashville, our foundational emphasis is to worship God and enjoy His presence… forever.

Grace Church: Nashville was founded in 2004 by Lindell Cooley and seeks to incorporate the best of all Christian denominational traditions.

Like Liturgical Churches, we are inspired by the might, majesty, and mystery of God the Father.

Like Evangelical Churches, we are encouraged by the friendship, faithfulness, and favor that we have as a result of our daily relationship with The Son, Jesus.

Like Charismatic Churches, we enjoy the passion, presence, and power of The Holy Spirit and invite Him to freely move within our gatherings.

We are an independent, non-denominational church for believers of all backgrounds. Anyone who loves to worship God, and who has a hunger for His presence, will feel at home.
Generations of Believers

A critical ministry and core value of Grace Church: Nashville is to teach people of all ages the basic foundations of the Word of God and help them begin to apply God’s principles to their lives. We believe in being a part of strengthening families through relationship with Jesus Christ. Through Christ our mission is to heal the broken, encourage the hopeless, and love the lost.

The bible defines the church as a body. We, as the church, are members of that body, with different abilities and many functions. When one part of the body is not functioning, the rest of the body becomes impaired. Every part of the body is necessary, and each part is significant. Many believe that church is just a building. The word church is derived from the Greek word ‘ekklesia,’ being simply defined as “an assembly”. The church is not a denomination or a building; it is the body of Christ and those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ in relationship with Him.

The Church Defined