13-18 year olds growing together in the Lord, practically and spiritually.

Each Wednesday night, Grace Youth: Nashville gathers, usually for an energetic evening of worship, a message from Youth Director Megan Davis, and a small group discussion time. The leaders of the group are vetted young adults intent on sharing the gospel and giving our teens the best tools to live a life glorifying to God. Some Wednesdays, the group will evangelize at a local mall or spend time in discipleship training. Our youth group is a vibrant, mature crowd of teenagers learning practical life lessons on how to live an effective Christian life, in aspects of spiritual matters and life skills.

What We Do

Discipleship Training

  • How to grow in your faith
  • How to study the scriptures
  • How to worship the Lord according to the Bible
  • How to fast
  • How to pray in a group setting

Learning How To Pray

  • We pray for the lost to be brought into right relationship with God through repentance and a turning of their ways
  • We pray for the sick
  • We pray for God to bring deliverance to those in bondage
  • We pray for restoration of broken relationships
  • We pray for our pastors and our political leaders
  • We pray for Israel
  • We pray for ourselves – selflessly


Through visits to public venues, our teens are trained in a monitored environment to share their faith by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Together with the youth leaders, the teens frequent malls and other public places for the express purpose of ministering to the people there in whatever way God leads.

Etiquette + Life Skills

  • Once a year, we hold a formal, ballroom-style banquet to train our youth how to dress properly, eat a formal dinner, and learn beginner ballroom dancing.
  • We also teach our teens practical life skills, including how to pay bills, dress properly, and practice proper etiquette.

Camp + Conferences

  • Every summer, we join youth from other churches and locations for an exciting week of camp or conferences, depending on the year.

Fun Stuff!

  • Girl’s nights + Guy’s nights
  • Weekend activities (skating, bowling, laser tag, etc.)
Want to know more? Email Youth Director Megan Davis at gcnmegan@gmail.com.