Q: Do you live stream your worship gatherings?

A: Yes! Our events are now live streamed, including Sunday morning services and Encounter worship nights. To visit our streaming page, click here.

Q: Does Grace Church: Nashville have an active small group ministry?

A: At Grace, we do not have a traditional “small-group” ministry. Our body of believers is structured around large gatherings based on focus (Encounter Worship Nights, Prayer Gatherings, Strengthening Family Foundations), gender (Men of Grace, Women of Grace), and age groups (Children of Grace, Grace Youth: Nashville, Grace Church Young Adults). In the context of these gatherings, you are encouraged to make connections with others and to develop those relationships outside of the structured church environments. We love to hear about pockets of our congregations holding bible studies in their homes!

In addition to our larger gatherings, we encourage you to volunteer within the church body. Through volunteering, you will develop deeper relationships with a smaller group of people.

Q: How do I become a member?

A: Grace Church: Nashville’s membership class, First Things, is held a few times each year for new attenders of Grace to learn more about the heart behind our church and to decide whether they are interested to take membership.

Q: How do I contact Pastor Lindell or Pastor Larry?

A: You can contact our pastors by emailing us at gracechurchnashville@yahoo.com or by CLICKING HERE.

Q: Do I have to be a Christian to attend Grace Church: Nashville?

A: Absolutely not! We encourage everyone to join us for our worship celebrations, whether you’ve been a Christian for 50 years or you’re just seeking to know more about the Lord. However, we do believe that when you’re exposed to the presence of God, He will draw you to Himself and you will never be the same again. That’s good news!

Q: Do you provide child care during your events?

A: We do provide child care for our Sunday morning worship celebrations (see Children of Grace). At this time, child care is also provided for Strengthening Family Foundations. Other events and gatherings do not currently include child care.

Q: Do you have an active ministry for teenagers?

A: Yes! Grace Youth: Nashville is a thriving youth group ministry, led by Youth Director Burke Zack. They meet every Wednesday night for various services and activities.

Q: Do you have an active ministry for college students and other young adults?

A: Absolutely! Young Adult Leader Lauren Gardner leads Grace Church Young Adults, a booming ministry for 18-30 year olds. They meet on Thursdays for a variety of social and spiritual growth activities.

Q: Do you have an active ministry for single adults over 30?

A: We don’t have an official “singles” gathering; however, we encourage single adults to connect with others in their stage of life by getting involved in our various gatherings and volunteering within the church. CLICK HERE for our calendar of events to see how you can get connected.

Q: Do you have an active Women’s Ministry?

A: Yes, the Women of Grace meet one Friday evening every month.

Q: Do you have an active Men’s Ministry?

A: Yes, the Men of Grace meet every Saturday morning at the Cracker Barrel off Highway 96.

Q: Do you have an active Family Ministry?

A: We have a bible study, Strengthening Family Foundations, tailored to anyone currently raising a family and to married couples considering starting a family.

Q: Is your church currently involved in local outreach and/or international mission work?

A: Grace is passionate about missions work all over the world. One of our board members, Enrique, is a pastor in Mexico. The church also supports several missionaries whose home base is at Grace, including people involved with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and missionaries in Hawaii, Australia, Turkey, and the Dominican Republic. For local outreach, we partner with GraceWorks (a Williamson county organization) to help people in need in our area.

Q: How many people attend your church?

A: We average anywhere from 750-800 people on a typical Sunday morning, depending on the time of year.

Q: What kind of people attend this church?

A: We are excited to say that Grace is a multi-generational and multicultural body of believers. You will see all colors, ages, life stages, marital status, and income levels here. We strive to cultivate an atmosphere where God is exalted and where everyone is welcomed.

Q: Do I have to dress up to come to a Sunday morning service?

A: We want you to dress in a way that is comfortable for you. Modesty is definitely encouraged, but apart from that, we don’t have any particular “dress code” for our gatherings. CLICK HERE for more information on what to expect in a worship celebration at Grace.

Q: Is your church part of a denomination?

A: No, Grace Church: Nashville is an independent, non-denominational church. While we don’t have a denominational structure, we do submit to the authority of a board of directors made up of mature, well-respected pastors and church leaders from around the world.

Q: What kind of preaching will I hear at your church?

A: Lead Pastor Lindell Cooley uses a variety of teaching styles from week to week. With a mixture of humor, vulnerability, and biblical truth, he always brings a word that has deep spiritual implications as well as practical life application. CLICK HERE for more information on what to expect in a worship celebration at Grace.

Q: What kind of things do you do in worship?

A: Our Sunday morning gatherings include a mixture of worship through music, greeting, announcements, a sermon, and a time of response. On the first Sunday of each month, we take communion together as part of our worship through music.

Q: Do I have to be a member of Grace Church: Nashville to participate in communion?

A: Not at all – we encourage all followers of Jesus Christ to partake in communion with us, regardless of your denominational standing or specific church membership.

Q: What style of music does your church sing?

A: In Music City, there is never a shortage of creativity in music. Because Lead Pastor Lindell Cooley is a worship leader himself, our church has a vastly blended lexicon of music. We have a full band setup each Sunday, and our choir participates in worship every other week, allowing for a different sound. From traditional gospel to contemporary to country and everything in between, you’ll never lack hearing variety in our worship music.

Q: How do I start meeting people and get involved?

A: You are welcome to join us for gatherings throughout the week, where you can connect one-on-one with other people at Grace. We also encourage you to volunteer within the church to make deeper connections. Please visit the Welcome Center on a Sunday morning to learn more about volunteer opportunities and to meet our Welcome Team. CLICK HERE for a calendar of upcoming events.

Q: Am I required to give an offering or tithe when I visit your church?

A: You are never required to give an offering as a visitor at Grace Church: Nashville. We do urge our regular members to faithfully tithe and give generously to their local church (see our Statement of Faith for more info on our beliefs on tithes and offerings), but you are under no obligation to give.

Q: I’m interested in serving on the worship team and/or in the choir. How do I get involved?

A: Our choir holds auditions about twice a year. Keep an eye out on our Calendar for the next choir audition date. Once an audition date has been scheduled, a signup sheet will be available in the lobby before and after services. Worship team singers are generally selected from the choir. New band members are auditioned individually with the band director.