In June 1995, if you had asked me to define what revival was, I would have described it as a few nights of extended meetings, 3 or 4…..a week at most. My definition would include special guest singers and musicians, as well as a guest speaker commonly known as an “Evangelist.” So when revival came to the seaside city of Pensacola Florida on Father’s Day 1995, I had no real reference to what we were about to experience.

1913832_167659453078_401655_nGod came down on Father’s Day 1995 to a church called Brownsville Assembly of God, where John Kilpatrick had been Senior Pastor for about 14 years. In an instant, everything I knew about revival changed! That first service started at 10 AM and lasted until 5 PM with just an hour of turnaround time to start the evening service at 6 PM. The 6 PM service didn’t end until about 2 AM the next morning. Father’s Day was so powerful that we decided to come back the next evening and then the next, and the next… So we continued, night by night, for months.

The meetings were unpredictable, laced with powerful preaching by Evangelist Steve Hill (who was slated to preach only on Father’s Day) and times of the tangible glory and power of God. Steve remained the nightly speaker for the next five years! I led the worship, and John Kilpatrick pastored a church now in the white hot fire of revival.1913832_167659513078_6688784_n

The first people to be touched by this move of God were the wonderful people of Brownsville Assembly. They were some of God’s choicest people who gave up their seats and parking spaces as people increasingly began to come from everywhere imaginable as well as some places we never imagined. The family of Brownsville Assembly in 1995 will forever be pressed in my memory. They were so welcoming and hungry for God. Some rarely missed a meeting, putting their lives and personal priorities on hold during this initial visitation of God. We all came night after night to see what God would do next… who would He save, who would change forever in His glory? The unpredictable, glorious chaos that I now know as revival had come! Oh those days!!!

I watched this outpouring from across my keyboard…the best seat in the house! I saw people from every race and possible background being broken and changed in the presence of God Almighty. Testimonies of salvation, healing and deliverance were daily occurrences. The beautiful, weighty presence of Jesus covered us every night. I will never be the same and there will never be a day that my heart doesn’t cry out, “Lord, do it again!”

As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of this visitation, I want to thank first and foremost, God. Thank You for coming so suddenly to an unlikely location, and thank You for setting me there to witness your mighty power! Thank you to John Kilpatrick, who did what I’ve never seen any Pastor do. John Kilpatrick gave up his pulpit to an Evangelist for five years and operated in a less visible role, a role that many good men would not have played. Thank you to Steve and Jeri Hill, who gave everything and then some to call in the harvest of souls for the sake of Christ. Steve, who has now gone on to his eternal reward, walked behind the pulpit every night with a power repentance sermon which he delivered in tears as he plead for the souls of men and women. I wish to include the staff of Brownsville Assembly who bore the weight of the unpredictability which a move of God of this magnitude entails. From our Youth Pastor, Richard Crisco, Children’s Pastor, Vane Lane, office staff, Ushers, Custodians, Audio / Video Team, and Parking Lot Attendants, all were fully engaged giving hearts, soul and energy – all of you were amazing!! Even if I failed to mention you, I appreciate all that you gave for revival.


The worship team and musicians as well as the choir were on point every night. You all were host to the greatest guest of all…God Himself!! My love and appreciation will never cease to all that these people gave as an offering and fragrance to our Wonderful Savior!!! You are all amazing, relentless, glory hogs. 🙂

As we look back, let us be humbled that God allowed us to experience and Host his glory, and remain thankful for the way He changed us. I live in constant acknowledgement of this great outpouring, as well as having a deep hunger for more. Those of you who were eyewitnesses, hold on to what God did in you so long ago and stir up the hunger for more! There is more… MORE LORD!!!!

Stay on Fire!
Lindell Cooley

Photos courtesy of Cathy Wood.

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15 thoughts on “In Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Brownsville Revival


  1. stephanie Cannon 4 years ago

    I was saved at the revival Oct 20, 1995… I’m changed forever! The hunger for revival again can be overwhelming at times though and I feel like I’m starving. What do you do??

    1. GraceChurchNash 4 years ago

      I’m glad to hear God changed you through that experience! The best advice I can give is to just remember that revival starts with you, and it’s more than just a meeting. Continue to pursue God with abandon, and when you’re feeling dry, go to your prayer closet and seek Him more. I pray that you will know His revival in your own life once again!

      “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”
      – Matthew 5:6

      1. Melania 4 years ago

        I love that you used fire to go with this verse!! For me personally, I feel that thgourhout my life I’ve had a spark here and there for Christ, but since we found our church home last January those sparks have been built into a bonfire of passion for our Lord! He is most definitely a pillar of fire that lights the way.And thank you for your incredibly sweet comments!!!

    2. Karlie 4 years ago

      機會係個天俾嘅 yes. BUT it is only those who are prepared that can see and cailtaipze the chance given. The people who always blames god/命/天 that there is no chance is absolutely wrong! If they haven’t prepared, work hard or think hard, how can they see the chance themselves, even if they see the opportunity is right in front of them, they wont have the skills, connection, knowledge or experience to take advantage of it.How sad!!!Bomb

  2. Melissa (Roush) Dorn 4 years ago

    Thank you for the wonderful walk down memory lane! I still remember so well the power and presence of God during revival at Brownsville. Having grown up in that church, it was like nothing we’d ever seen before. I was in the nursery that first Father’s Day morning, and when church never let out, we workers started wondering what was going on! It wasn’t long before we were taking turns going and getting prayed for, as well. It was a time in my life that truly lit a fire for more of God and made me never, ever look at my relationship with Him the same. I am so thankful to have been there, as a church member, during those days. I remember the day Amber was introduced to you by Ms. Brenda, and thinking to myself, “well, there goes another one”, as most all of my closest girl friends had already gotten married and now several of the girls I knew from the youth group were getting engaged, as well. You and Amber make a terrific match and now, all these years later, it is a blessing to see how God has continued to use you both to minister to the lives of others. Blessings to you and your family!

    1. Gerry 4 years ago

      The flame of the Holy Spirit is so strong, and I pray that he power of that Spirit ebdems it self through yoru revivial and forever into your church people!

  3. Denise Henry 4 years ago

    We my husband and I addent over a weekend. .our church chartered a bus..we waiting in line for about 10 hours just to get in the church and main building..I 2as so moved like never before. Starting in that line…I yearn for God to come an like kids need 5 his kind of experience…..I was one who was an is forever changed!

    1. brenda durham 4 years ago

      enjoyed this revival so much.came 500 miles from spartanburg sc to the revival about 5 times.Now i live about 2 hrs revival i have ever saw.Believing God for another awesome out pouring.

      1. Gavi 4 years ago

        I just taught on this last Wednesday, in our Growth Group on Prayer and what hidenrs our prayers, The thought was the same “FIRE” we are not to Supress or Extinguish him in our lives, he wants those smoldering embers to burn brightly to consume us completely that he reigns in our life, and as you know fire will not only consume you but all around you spreading like wildfire so when we quench the Holy Spirit it is not only detrimental to our lives but to those around us that he wants to use our fire to consume as well!! This is agreement and confirmation that God is teaching this to “The Body” definitely a “NOW WORD”

    2. Sitiasisah 4 years ago

      Delia KnoxI am a recovering Quad. my self statred walking unassisted Oct.09 I am presently at seminary working on my head as i did my body!I put gym.and G_D did the rest.ETERNITY IS TO LONG TO BE WRONG HE SHALL RETURN AGAIN THEN THE JUDGEMENT*

  4. Lois Pulliam 4 years ago

    we drove from baton rouge over night and it was still dark when we arrived. the sweetest policeman helped us park and told us we could rest awhile and he would wake us later so we could move the vehicle closer to the church. can’t explain it, but can tell you for sure that the very air was weighted down with the Holy Spirit. most awesome service i have ever experienced…went in the doors at 5 pm and left out at 11 pm….can’t tell you where that time went but it was the most amazing worship service ever. so glad i went….not sure if there will ever be another like it. pray that it’s right around the corner. loved brother cooley

  5. tammy gibson 4 years ago

    I miss the days of old…I was saved st Brownsville Nov 17 1995 ..I attended every wknd …I was set free from alcohol ciggarrettes depression and a lot more …my life has never been the same …

  6. Brenda Littleton 4 years ago

    I could feel the presence of Holy Spirit as i read the words you wrote about Brownsville .I miss those days ,and i crave the next movement ,but there will never be another Brownsville for me God changed my life forever .Looking forward to the next great movement. Still listen to your CDs love as much today as I did 20 yrs ago . GOD BLESS YOU AND FAMILY

    1. Prakash 4 years ago

      Thanks Rev. Roy,Many are taking a hhtlaey wait and see approach to this event. We will be following up as much as we can. I didn’t put this up till I saw the second video of her a week later walking better and somewhat unaided.

  7. Robby Myrick 4 years ago

    I was touched by the Brownsville Revival from a distance in Gulfport Mississippi. The music that came from those meetings gripped my soul, and by the Holy Spirit, cleansed my heart. I’m still not ‘over’ it! I will NEVER be the same, thank You Jesus! More Lord … more!