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  • Worship

    We focus on ministering to God through worship, much as David did in his tabernacle. Passionate, unrestrained worship of our Creator is nothing less than He deserves, and this is a vital element to everything that happens within our local body. The presence of the Lord is a precious gift we have promised to steward. In His presence, lives are eternally, radically transformed.

  • Repent

    Repentance is not a dirty word! Everyone needs a chance to get sin out of our lives, and to be restored to right relationship with God and man. As a church, we urge all to turn from the ways of darkness and run to the marvelous light of Christ. It’s the first step in the most exciting journey you will ever take - life in the kingdom of God.

  • Get Equipped

    The primary call of the local church is equipping the saints for ministry. This involves discipleship for daily living, in addition to equipping for the specific purpose of each individual’s life. We believe in activating each person in our local body to live a successful Christian life - in small moments and momentous milestones.

  • Serve

    We are called as servants of God and adopted into His kingdom. At Grace, we encourage each person to serve their local church body by exploring what is currently needed, and to serve their community with a humble heart. Opportunities to serve create deeper connections within our community and edify the body of Christ as a whole.

Lead Pastor Lindell Cooley

“Worship is at the heart of all we do, because worship is the primary concern of the church. Our focus is to make God’s glory known in all the earth, and this is what drives everything I do as a pastor. It is my desire that each person that enters our church will be inspired to seek The Lord more deeply, both privately and corporately, and this drive to know Him more would spark revival in their own lives, creating a ripple effect in our community.”

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